So I have a website.

Yeah, I didn’t think I’d forget.

It’s just that nobody else cares.

But this is all I’ve got.

Everyone that used to know me has turned away from me.

They didn’t turn against me, they don’t have that kind of energy to care.

And my self was compromised.

I have to accept that even if I care about myself, people won’t have to care about me.

Nobody needs to care about anyone but themselves.

So when they do, they expect a return.

Yes, society works as such.

Almost like a business.

Where the trades are emotions.

Come one, come all.




Oh why?

What would bring you here?

Did I convince you?

Were you curious?

Did you remember?

I’m sitting here wondering if anyone would be here without me reaching out.

But reaching out into the abyss only sucks you in.